body dysmorphia

People with BDD are excessively worried about a part of their body which they perceive to have a defect. They continue to believe this despite reassurances about their appearance.

Any area of the body may be involved in BDD, but the face is the most common.

A person with BDD may:


  • Wear excessive make-up or heavy clothing to hide their perceived defect
  • Repeatedly look in the mirror and seek reassurance about their appearance
  • Frequently touch or measure the perceived defect
  • Repeatedly pick at their skin or pluck their hair and eyebrows
  • Feel anxious when around other people
  • Seek medical treatment for the perceived defect
  • Diet and exercise excessively



People with BDD may not be able to hold down a job and sometimes avoid socialising. They can also find it difficult to have relationships.

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